Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hip Hop + Asian

I know this editorial is going to shorten my life on earth by, probably, 3 years, I’d say. However, the social force that binds me to my obligations and the courses of action demanded by that force has pushed me to my limits. You have to know.

"every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty"

Hip Hop and the asian culture could never possibly fuse. The bling-blings, baggy clothes, snowcaps and slangs…are from and for the African / Black Americans. It was introduced by them through the media (ughh...MTV...what have you done ? ).

Go take a walk in the mall. Take Gurney Plaza. You see these skinny Chinese bald guys obviously from chinese ed schools in sleeveless shirts and pants that seems to be made for The Hulk. Okay, not just one. A whole gang of them. They're all, if not, mostly in snowcaps or headbands. Their belts would be hanging down one side and their visible bone- skinny arms and all with all sorts of skull embossed chains dangling from their necks and wrist.

I mean, if you'd just choose something that fits you. Even a simple T-shirt and jeans, even shorts would suffice. Nothing wrong with them chains on your hands and neck. Its fine. Just go easy on em’ boy.

So its not Mr. Hip Hops fault but I think its just some people are rather naive bout how certain things fit into their personality and culture. Imagine 50cent or Usher in just a sarung and songkok bearing the bling bling. It’s that bad.

Hip Hop’s fashion statement is cool, no doubt. If you wanna adapt it into your dressing sense. I'd say go light. Do not over dress. Malaysia’s a tropical country. There’s no snow. Face it. 3 layers of clothing and a snow cap is plain stupidity, son. Its hot. is not just the only thing.

Its the LANGUAGE (emphasized for emphasis) too.

Seeing people who are not even semi-fluent in English trying to rap or “talk hip hop” and people who cant pronounce English words properly trying to "talk hip hop”?
I know people who go like "waazzupp mmaann~!!! Itss ****(insert a lame nick name) in daa hoouuzza~! You cooollzz?!" If a friend did that to me I’d punch him. I mean it. Also, there’s the seriously amateur or rather, retarded rapping. Usher and 50 cents normally has a main theme they rap or sing bout. Linkin Park’s rappin is about life’s angst’s and all. Some of the people I know claims to rap freestyle and go

"uh- yao~! It aint no thing but if i could i would. I can and still will. babeh. If you'd just listen. I'd throw away the pain. I'd be in the rain. waiting. And muh babeh babeh. You mine all I want. Til the sunset falls apart. Uh- yea!Yesterday...*****long list of crap******"

I made that up.
But trust me. They're worse, I swear. Their tenses are jumbled up and you know nothing what they're rapping about. Hey, even Stephen Colbert can’t do it right. I quote :

“ Step back! I gotta be clear ! I feel fear ! Everything’s gonna be destroyed ! I feel Annoyed! Not overjoyed! Maybe I’m just paranoid. We can’t avoid.*Kisses finger and points* Peace!!!”

Hey, you also get to see their funny hand movements and their funny way of matching their clothing and amateur break dancing (Spinning slowly on their head with a helmet, for example). Watching monkeys do some mating ritual dance proposing orgies would be way more interesting and less weird.

I feel better ! I let it out ! I said it ! Now I’m gonna meditate on my cynical and dark side of the force. I will search for the light. Until divine intervention takes place, I’ll have to cry myself to sleep every night.

I’m done bashing here. I’m off to bashing Hip Hop itself. Gota bounce y’all ! Peace !

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NIGGA! yoyo Letz c u 2row sum rap zzzzz