Thursday, December 15, 2005


Jono was away to camp for a week in KL. Its called a LIFE CAMP with about 400 youths and you live life as if you live life out in the world. Anything that can happen out in the world can happen here. You can be rich or poor. Rob a bank, get married, kill, buy cars and houses,yatches and join clubs and stuff. You'll aquire prestige points which showed your prestige level in the society. Theres police stations, morgues, shopping malls and all.Everyone starts at 15 years old and gets an education and stuff. Its 'another world' to cut things short. And what did JONO do ? NO he coudlnt be bothered to get married yet.At 18 years of age he started a CASINO......

yea ~ ~ started small. Hired some ppl to work for me. Then ppl started coming to gamble. Jono was smart. Jono told his emplyees to let them ppl win first so that more ppl will come back. They did. Suckers. They were so desperate to get easy money than to work for it. From there it was downhill and I started earning big money mostly from the black jack counter.Im having a slight mind block so Ill let the pictures speak for me.

East wing of my casino

Black jack table was always crowded

black jack again

And again

Whats a casino without Russian Roulette ?

Theres this four-eyed-nerd who came to gamble. He was poor. Started with 500 bucks. Bet on the double. Luck was with him. 500 became 1000. 1000 became 2000 . 2000 became 4000 and so on so forth till he got 1500 000$ cold cash. Jono was not pleased. His casino's cash was being sucked up by this nerd. He couldnt afford to close his casino and live in the streets. He still wanted to get married .Nobody would marry a bankrupt man. No no no. what did JONO do this time ?

Jono has connections. Jono went to meet with the mafia of the town. Told him the situatin and we made a deal. Jono had the mafia and his underlings ROB the poor guy. HOHOHO. And got Jonos money back. the real world shit like this happens aye ? well, shit happened. ( Good shit)

Well, overall the camp was fun...witnessed a bank robbery. Kidnapping and murdur....ahhhh....and some girls, who are actually pretty hot and beautiful, were so poor and only had an SPM cert and so what they did was they married rich men and divorced them later on and got half of their husband property. Some even asked their husbands to write a will and then kill them after. b***h ~!! There you have it. The very reason Jono did not get married in the end ~!!!

wish ma pals from Penang could be there. I could really 'play' with them if you know what I mean ^.^

At the end of the camp jono was approached by around 10 gurls. ( the gurls out numbered the guys from 2 - 1 in this camp ) They asked to take pictures with jono. However only about 5 of them actually asked for me number and email. The rest did not. Jono suspects he hath become an object of lust. (not that he's complaining).

NEXT year. The same camp is going to be held again and we are expecting 1000 youths. Interested ? hohohoh...........Jono wants to play with you ~!!! Coommmee~!!!

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