Friday, April 14, 2006

Memoirs of a Gay-sha II

What do you do when a stranger who lives around the same neighborhood as you, someone you see now and then, walks up to you with a friendly smile, greets and offers you a handshake and go " Hi ! Live around here ? I'm MT, nice to meet you!." Why, of course you'd reply with "Hi, nice to meet you too." Its basic courtesy. You may wanna return his smile too, which I did and also told him I've seen him around. MT (his initials) was around 25- 30, I'd guess and pretty bulked up with muscles. Well, after being acquainted, we parted ways and went on on our merry way.

2 days later...

I see MT again. He's sitting on a bench at the garden nearby. He sees me too, smiles and waves for me to come over. Now, what would you do ? Would you walk away ? Run away perhaps ? No ! Again, its basic courtesy to walk over and greet the bloke. So I went over and again we shoke hands and greeted each other. We had a simple conversation about normal stuff like his work, my school, hobbies and studies and other knickknacks. When I told him I had go, he asked for my number. Now, what would you do ?
"Sorry you cant have it." ?
"What the heck would you want my number for punk?!!? " ?
"And why should I give it to you? Mummy told me that I shouldn't give my number to strangers " ?
"OMG are you gay ? " ?

Once again, kids, BASIC COURTESY tells you to reply "oh sure, its xxxxxxx"

The next day...

I got an sms from MT. He says he's having some problems with his computer and he needs my help ( he asked if I knew my way around PCs and I said I did) and asked if I could go over to his house and help sort out his problem and oh, "Don't tell your parents!" Kids, what would you do ? Basic...OH whatever, you'd go over wouldn't you ? NOT !!! You should turn down these kinda things about going to a stranger's house. You'd tell your parents too! Guess what ? Jono went. Jono didnt tell his parents ! WHY ? I do not know. Kick me next time okay ? Please ?

At MT house...

He was waiting at the gate for me. He opened his gate for me and when I was in, he proceeded to lock his gate. He had 3 HUGE locks for his gate. Kids, you'd freak wont you ? Well, I didn't. Kick me again. The only thing that went through my mind was "Oh, wow, cool locks." He then led me into his room and seated me at his PC and asked me to help him with getting him an MSN account and add myself to his contact list while he went to get me a drink.

This is the part where I freaked - BAD

Not far from his PC was - guess what- 2 racks of GAY PORN !!!

Hell, yea.


Then, MT came back into the room with a cup of coffee and offered it to me.

Then it HIT me. Hard in the guts.
I was lured and LOCKED in a sick GAY PEDOPHILES house with 3 HUMUNGUS LOCKS with a suspicious cup of coffee(at that time I was pondering if it was really coffee or not) with no way of escape.

Then he went "Here, have a drink first."

... Okay, its bloody SPIKED !!!

KIDS ! What THE FXXX would YOU DO ????!!!!!


At that moment - that very moment when Jono was wondering whether he should run out to the balcony screaming for help or use karate to try overpower the rather huge, muscled practician of homosexuality, or whether to ignore the most definitely spiked drink and pretend nothings wrong and hope for the best, guess what ? My cell phone rang. MUMMY CALLED ! Thank GOD ! I answered the phone and enthusiastic said "Hi MUM~!!!" MT face got outta shape at once - His turn to freak. When mum asked where I was and I was about to answer that, "Where am I? Oh, I am at..." He stopped me by waving his hands and putting his finger at his mouth and went "shhhhhsss~!!!" Then Jono, smart Jono gave a fake "You want me home? Ok..." And MT, Very hastily , practically shooed me outta his house and locked his gates.

You cannot imagine the RELIEVE I was in. It was better than that post-orgasm-I'm- spent-feeling. A narrow escape. I ran home.

You'd think that its over now would you ? You'd think that the climax of this story was over ya? You'd think you'd seen the worse ? NOOOOOOOOOOO.

2 days later....

The bloody gay MT was on my MSN. He Nudged me. He wanted to show me something on the webcam. Kids, what would you do ?

It would be a "No thanks" and you'd delete and block the guy wouldn't you ? Good for you !

I accepted the "invitation"

I know

KICK ME......

"Connecting with MT..................."


And there was MT with his huge Magnum in his hand and he was jerkin' himself off and he also messaged me "Come to the sauna room so we can give each other blowjobs"




I quit my MSN, deleted and blocked the sicko and ran to tell my parents (Finally something I did right). My parents said they'd call the police if he continued to do those shit. Sexual harassment, people.

And thats what you get when you show basic curtesy to strangers, kids so don't bother. Or else you might wake up with a flabby arsehole 4 times bigger in diameter than its supposed to be.

See what else my good manners has got me into?
Memoirs of a Gaysha Part 3 - Jono Attracts Gay Tourist


Liz said...


okok, I don't know you that well so i shouldn't laugh. ehehe. that must've been disturbing ...

but i found it a bit funny, still. ahaha.

*apologizes profusely*

seriously though, you shouldnt've went to his house... =P

Jo-no said...

If only you could kick me....

Alex said...

A very interesting story... Lol... Thnk God u r safe. Can't imagine u...Lol... Sry, i m very bad. It is strange though of wat this people r doing nowadays. Maybe u should go deface urself or perhaps try to get rid of pheromones coming out of u. Animals in heat often does tat u know to attract mates.yeah...just be careful next time...

Jono said...

Or perhaps my pheromones are screwed up and instead of attracting females its attracting males. I need your help on that Alex...

ch@rm said...

whoa..u ar...u shouldnt even went to his hse la for goodness sake. *kickz jono* ... i mean..ok la lets say wat if aunt julia din call at tat moment? wat u gona do? drink tat bloody spiked coffee n get f*cked brokeback style?.. more wise bro. *kicks jono. hard.*
this is a public service reminder from charm

sarah said...

heyz jon..i remember hearing a lil of this story frm josiah..hahaha..didn't know the super detailed details...hahahahaha..ok ok...i'm laughing...bcos u r ok n didn't get molested or whatever...and i am seriously wondering..what happen to the basic street smart instinct??hahaha..guess u lost it to england??JOKING...heys nxt time a gal or guy..i repeat..GIRL OR GUY..FEMALE OR MALE...asks u for your number pls...P L E A S E...think twice..the world is crazy today..a girl may not even b a straight type..wahahah..get my meaning i know..cos i hv seen gals that look super innocent n behave so but there deep dark secrets in their closets..yuck..same with guys..seems manly but..need i say further..heee..b more careful orh..HAPPY HAPPY JOY is fine n well!!yippie!!

adhojlim said...

Hahaha... You got superb attraction huh?! Just that you attracted the wrong crowds....hahaha =) Lucky you!