Monday, April 17, 2006

Memoirs of a Gay-sha III - Final Episode

To all my fellow fans for the Memoirs of A Gay-sha series, it brings me both great joy and pleasure to present to you the, hopefully, finale of the trilogy Memoirs of A Gay-sha - Jono Attracts Gay Tourist.

hohoho...caught your attention now, haven't I ?

One Friday afternoon...

Jono , having saying his byes to his mates after a whole day of hanging out and all, wanted to get a passion fruit juice from Aunt Annes' so I took the elevator and made my way down stairs from the fifth floor. At the 3rd floor, I was approached by, seemingly an american. The 'yellow-haired-dog" (Ang Mo kau) as hokkiens would called him was huge. 4 times the size of myself, and 2 heads taller than I am. Take some time to picture that now will you ...

He smiled and said hi (Note : same approach as MT)

What would you do ?

Basic courtesy.

A "Hi" in return with a courteous smile.

He asked where I was going. Jono told him Jono was going to get a drink. He just went "Oh, cool, whats your name ?"

Basic courtesy

Jono : I'm Jonathan.
"yellow-haired-dog" : Hi, I'm William
Jono : Hi, William. You a tourist ?
William : Yeaps, you just gota love Asia. Its full of excitement.
Jono : Glad you're enjoying your time...

5 second pause...

William : You know what Jonathan ?
Jono : Yea?
William : You're really handsome.
Jono : (Finds it awkward but thinks "basic courtesy) Um...thanks.

By now we were at the 1st floor.

William : Say, I want to go to the loo....
Jono : Oh...okay.
William : *Looks at Jono with a sly smile* Wanna come come with me ?
(note: The double 'come' there is NOT a typo!)
Jono : *Shocked and choked out a word* What?*
William : *Still smiling* yeaaa... *nods head*
Jono : No thanks...* Ran away *

Americans ! Just only at the beginning and they already wanna bring out the big guns!!! No way I'll fall for that ! Not after MT's case! No way some 8 inch foreign stick is gonna pass through there man!!!

What is it with me that gays get attracted to me ? Please tell me ? Maybe I should ask MT ? - NO !!! Perhaps other than my FingerSense I need to devolop A DodgeDick Sense of GaySense or something... The next time a stranger comes up to me with a smile and say "Hi!" Perhaps its wise to ditch basic courtesy and go "Go away!!!Go Away!!! Somebody!!! Help !!!! Pedophile!!! Gay!!!"


HORNY MT said...


belle said...

damn holes & longkangs!! ur not safe man.HOhohoho
Arent u supposed to be the nasty guy now??
OHHH!i getit. ur a jerk to the "girls" but ur a (very)nice guy to the dudes.
Ok ok.Hush-husshhh..