Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hard Ramon Gay Playing(humpin') with Kids

More of Ramon Hard Gay, kids. This time from the streets he's taking it to the park ~! He plays around with children, practically humping them and teaching them his infamous moves and thrust ~! He Keeps green pepper in his briefs (or whatever you call them) and looks for kids who hates em'. He then humps the air around the kid which is supposedly his ritual to make kids like green pepper. He would then feed the kids with green pepper from his briefs. Parents are laughing and enjoying this as it goes on. He also plays around in the childrens park with his legs spread wide open with his usual expressions
His expressions are the usual "foooooooooo~!!!!" And "sei sei sei sei sei FOOOOOOo~!!!"
and " One two threww, Fooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuurrrrooooo~!!!!"

In Japan, its entertainment. In Malaysia or America, its sexual harrassment. Watch yourself.



peishern said...

they are called capsicums my dear jono. they are bigger than tampons. so please dont dream anymore. THANK YOU
peibeautifulshern (i did a google on the spelling of the above vegetable)

Jo-no said...