Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Maid Revolution

Well, this is it my friends. Ever since we've started our little quest, I have been right there on the front lines with you. I have been the general and the hero, leading us in our righteous and just fight. But, my honorable men and women, I’m afraid I can lead you no more. The day we have most feared is here, and indeed, it is not pretty. That’s right - I’m a traitor now. I’m turning tail, showing my true colors, and giving the knife in your collective backs a good twist. I hate it as much as you all do, but I guess we knew this day would come sooner or later.

I got a maid.

I've never seen my clothes so straight and wrinkle free.
I've never seen my house so clean, neat and tidy.
I don't have to wash me cups and dishes ~!
I don't have to wash me clothes ~!
I don't have to sweep~!
I don't have to mop~!

Omg ~! She even irons my boxers~!!!


belle said...

Welcome to the Dark Side..

Jo-no said...