Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I was dead before ?!

My mum keeps a diary of me. She writes in my life's happenings from the time before I was born up till now. It's supposed to be handed to me when we finally depart for good. Well, as we all know my curiosity is stronger than lust and has to be satisfied. Thats right! I took a peek !

Mum had waited practically 12 hours for her checkup from the doctor. When the nurses and doctors finally came they started by taking mum's pulse, blood preasure and stuff. They then proceded to check the baby, me. They first searched for my heart beat. Alas. None. They checked for movement. Alas. None. No movement. No heart beat. No pulse. Nada. They did a scan. None! Jono was thought to be dead.

Mum ran. She cried and cried and called my dad to the hospital. When dad came, he asked mum to calm down, and lie down on the bed. Dad then took out his cassette player and played some music and held it to mum stomach. Alas! Movement ! Activity ! I started kicking, jumping and rolling and my heart beat so fast and hard so much so that the doctors were amazed !

When my first words were 'mummy' , daddy wasn't that happy........ha ha!

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