Thursday, August 24, 2006

So, Joining Operation Havoc ?

Re: My School, My Ghetto

You must be the new guy. I hear you’re one tough punk. I hope it’s true, because we could really use the help. Finding the right people for this team isn’t easy, especially with the kind of crap we’ve been running into lately. You have two class options : Mastermind or Field Ops. Both classes require you to posses virtues of mischief and sadism.

As a mastermind you construct an operation, draw out the plans in detail for the F.O team.You also to fine tune and improve your operation. You get a certain satisfaction from having your blueprint carried out by a F.O personel. You are smart and slick. You screw the system without even the system knowing it. You are attentive to detail and build you plan around any walls of the system.

Any Field Ops team needs to prepare for the unexpected, but with Operation Havoc going on you’d better learn to expect the unexpected, and more importantly, believe the unbelievable. You’re going to come across stuff you can’t explain, and you’ll need to be ready to deal with whatever it throws at you. Your own life, as well as the lives of your teammates (schooling life), will depend on it.

The information you'll receive would be a document to supplement and update the information you'll have received so far to be and effective member in Operation Havoc. If you've a prob, approach one of the Masterminds or myself.

We're going to break up the system so we can make something better out of the world...

We're expecting great things from you...

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