Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Case Againts Hip Hop

I just revised my past article. Hip Hop and Asia. Read that first. This time its all Jo-no bashing Hip Hop. But if you didn’t read that, go read it before continuing to read this.

Hip Hop !

A revolution?

A lifestyle?

A political Force?

A religion?

At least that’s what they say it is. Right in your face – It is NOT!

The more I hear fanatical black men say hip hop is a revolution, the more I can see we’re going nowhere. Revolution is revolution and hip hop has little to do with it. Hip Hop is an art form that talks about everything from ego tripping, to killing people to loving your woman. So what? It’s just music. Entertainment.

I look at how much energy conscious rappers put into hip hop and I wonder why - it’s not that important. Can’t they spend their energies elsewhere? I’m more conscious than any rapper on earth and then some and I’m more of a revolutionary than any rapper - they couldn’t even sit at the same table with me.

Who are the star rappers on TV ? What if we take Hip Hop away from them ? Who are they now ? Nobody. Drop outs or lowly educated punks. And there they are on TV speaking their views on the world, politics and people to an audience who didn’t ask.

You aren’t rapping for the world. You aren’t rapping to save or feed anyone. You are rapping for YOU, to please YOUR ego and to get the stage and to be at the center of attention. We have a nation of nobodies all wanting to be heard.

Usher is ripping off his shirt in TV. Nelly is without a shirt on TV. And the women can’t seem to afford a shirt but still, on TV.

Pull up your baggy pants, wear a shirt, put that stupid pad down and DO SOMETHING - your words mean nothing and they are a balm for those who know they are not doing shit to help us.

It’s just a bunch of words. How important can it be? We need deeds done but, we got a whole nation of rhyming talkers and noisy juke boxes.

It’s not important. It’s just us jerking ourselves off - nothing more. Why do you think we’re going nowhere even though rap makes billions.

“A man becomes what he thinks about all day”

Well, since our kids aren’t thinking about solving our problems in them world all day, we have no one that wants to. We never will until we get kids thinking about something other than rap all day. And people are idolizing these rappers. Looking at a baby learning to speak is more interesting, meaningful and fulfilling than watching amateur local rappers on stage go freestyle with a drum loop with the occasional “Everybody say HO…!HEY…!HO…!HEY..! - uh yea! – Put it up y’all!”

Rappers are posers. They wanna come off like bad-boys and like they’re part of some underground but, what underground is that? We’re niggas, we’ve always been underground - this is just more posing. I don’t see any revolutionary group being run by rappers.

Organziers organize and rappers rap. Organizers don’t have TIME to rap, they have too much work to do. Rappers have plenty of time to TALK because they don’t put in ANY WORK.

At best, rappers are cheerleaders for real revolutionaries and I’m tired of seeing them claim to be part of a struggle when they don’t struggle, they just fill their notepads with endless impotent verbal masturbation and then wanna feel important and part of the struggle.

Sorry, but I’m sick of the hold that hip hop has on my people

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Anonymous said...

hey man..
i agree A LOT in some things that you wrote..
about fakers..
but take it easy man..everyone needs time to discover themselves and find out who they really are..
I know even you took a while to be who you are now didnt you..there's no point on bashing on ppl who don't know what you're bashing on and why you are bashing,what u wrote about a rapper is nothing but posers and individuals who are low-educated punks and are coming off as what u call 'bad boys'...
those are a shame to hip hop..a true rapper doesnt bother about these ppl..rappers do have work and the work is to talk..not just any could me rapping about your case against what i want to re-title a case against FAKE HIP HOP...or educating others..
i myself, am a person that is into the hip hop culture..
and i agree 100% that the so called "entertainment business" right now is totally out of hand..what you see on MTV of course..
but hey..hip hop does really have its own identity and mindthinking if it comes to the right people..
so dont be against Hip Hop..
be against FAKE Hip Hop..