Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Band Performing In Gurney Plaza for Japanese TOKIO Festival

It was quite a last minute thing, really, and we have only about 4 days of practice to play for the festival for 2 days, 1 hour each! The band consist only of me and my other 3 brothers and a friend from church. We have decided not to use our official band "Underwhere?" name but rather we'd use the name "Project Kizuna" We've been practicing and I dare say the music is going to be very nice. Only worry now is the sound system the sponsors are going to set up for us. Hope you guys can come and give us your support !

Friday, 17th Nov
3 - 4.oo pm

Saturday, 18th Nov
12 - 1 pm

Gurney Plaza Main Stage

Theres other Japanese games and activities and stuff. Its gonna be fun! See you guys there!!!

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