Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Barbarities of Friendster (Incomplete)

I hate friendster.

I absolutely hate Friendster. It is a world of superficial acquaintances, a place of insincere empathy,posers, lonely people, shallow love affairs and a preying ground for stalkers.

Today, you are collecting and counting your cut-and-pasted "testimonials". You know they are insincere and only takes seconds for someone to do but still, you want it. You think it gives you social proof. Even short messages like "Hey there, miss you!", you accept. The more the better.

Yesterday you were updating your profile. Heck, you do it everyday. By doing so you know you will appear on the "recently updated" list and hope you'd be noticed. You look at the number of times your profile have been viewed. You know you can do better than that. The more the better.

Tomorow you will take new pictures of yourself in your new outfit. You plan to puff out your face like a puffer fish,a moronic one, and stick your finger in your cheeks,smile tight-lipped, and then take the picture from a higher angle while opening your eyes super wide. You think it's cute that way. Losers are commenting on your pictures. "You're cute" they tell you. The more the better.

A popularity contest.

"Hey! I got more friends than you!"

"Look at the amount of 'testimonials' I have!"



When God said, "You are the salt of the world" I thought that makes alot of sense (Uh, of course, its from God). The world is what you make of it and it's up to you to preserve it.

Friendster is the realm of the pretentious, the pseudo-intellectual, and more often than not, the aesthetically challenged. So what does that make friendster? It has become what it's denizens have made it.


Please. Write your own testimonial or don't send one at all. A testimonial is "Something given or done as an expression of esteem" . Not places for you to type teddy bears and post messages, and pictures, moron.

Why then, do I have a frigging Friendster account? Why am I in the midst of this incubus? Why do I occasionally accept "testimonials" when they are actually messages? The same reason I caved and went clubbing for the first time even when I hated it. The reason I bought another thing I didn't need. The reason I did something I didn't want to.

Peer preasure.

I hate Friendster.


Leon said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

I most definitely agree. People there are so self-absorbed. Good thing I went cold turkey when I quit and deleted my account (using my real name) in that site. I used to have one due to peer pressure. I still have one account there, but under an alias. I use that to target insults on some loser freaks cuz they show off in their profiles half naked and posing as underwear model wannabees, hehe. It's a good hobby. ;)

Anonymous said...

posted your blog here---