Monday, January 22, 2007

Jono - A Confession

Things you wouldn't know about Jono if he didn't tell you.

Why am I confessing to these? Well, Jono is leaving for Australia and without relating to him long enough, you'd never know. These stuff cannot be bottled up to oneself. I have to get this off my chest.

Some of you might know these things about me. I've either mentioned it before or you "stumbled" apon it yourself, if you know what I mean. Here are some fun facts about Jono, folks. Fun facts, mind you.

  • I like walking around in my house naked. I am(was) able to do this because I have my own home to myself. Whether it be doing laundry, watching tv, and what not. If not naked at the least, in boxers. It is comfortable and I feel "free" and exposed and perhaps, sexy? Haha. Thats the reason why you should call before dropping by for a visit ! I have this dream fantasy to run around naked on a deserted island.

  • I sleep naked too. Its so comfortable when you have a comforter around you and feeling warmth all around. Back-to-mother's-womb kinda experience. Try!

  • I like wearing old clothes(or rags) for I find them very soft and comfy.

  • I like turning all the lights off at night and walking around and doing things in the dark. It is exiting and lots of fun like an adventure. It is twice the fun when you're naked.

  • Bathing in the dark is fun too. It makes bathing exiting again like when you were a kid. Fumbling for the shampoo or soap and making sure you've covered and washed the right areas and feeling yourself in the dark, a hell lotta fun.

  • I have boxers and only boxers. My buddy needs to breath and boxers is the way he can have adequate ventilation and air. Up to today he is serving me well. Say no to briefs and thongs. Isabelle however got me very nice, bright colored briefs and a purple colored thong for my birthday. Nice...

  • Jono have never taken a picture of himself. Camwhore ? Never ! Still a Virgin. (note the capital V)

  • Squeals and jumps like a sissy girl if you poke or tickle Jono at the side. Keep poking and Jono will go into spasm. Keep poking and Jono will experience orgasm, then die. Ah, to die a happy man !

  • Short sighted but refuse to wear specs.

  • Longest duration without sleep was 48 hours. It was an out-of-body experience. I think it should be better than being on crack and definitely better than being drunk. When I finally lay down my head and sleep, poof~! I woke up 14 hours later.

  • Longest duration of my crush was 2 years.

  • My right ear is bigger than my left. They are called Daddy's ear and Mummy's ear respectively. Mummy likes to pull on Daddy's ears a lot. Daddy's ears are in danger of getting bigger. Mummy, leave Daddy's Ear alone!

  • The last time I pissed in bed was when I was 12. It always starts with a dream of me walking to the toilet and pee, only to be woken up feeling deceived by my dreams, lying in my own puddle of pee.

  • I dislike vegetables. Why are we eating plants ?! Eww... its like chewing on leaves!

  • Jono's birthday and Joash (brother) and Dad; We share the same birthday. Born on the same day and same time! Mummy bakes 1 huge cake for Jono, a medium size cake for Joash on top of my cake and dad's cupcake on the top. HAHA!

  • You know how you can wack up Superman just by having Kriptonite ? Well, my kriptonite is...Durian. Eat it, burp it in my face or hold it on your hand and approach me. Despite me having a black belt in karate, you can beat the shit outa me coz I'll be too busy pinching my nose.

  • I still enjoying turning in circles and making myself dizzy. Another back to childhood experience. Sometimes I hold dumbbells while doing it in the gym. Makes it more challenging for both the mind and abs to balance yourself carrying 20kg dumbbells.

  • Whenever I dont feel like going to the gym, I just pop in my TROY DVD and see brad pitt, then I'm off running to the gym. It's a guy's thing, ladies. ( Oh you knew?)

  • I often get too lazy to do my laundry till I've nothing left to wear before getting my ass off to do it. There's always the temptation to turn the boxers inside out and use it again but...

  • I like the smell of my armpit and my body odor. I believe if only one is willing to take a smell, one would enjoy it too. It's a pleasant blend of The Body Shop smell and chicken rice. If I sweat it would be like, um, a Loreal hair salon!

  • Jono is freaked shit by GAYS. Rather be introduced to Samara than gays.

  • Listens to Coldplay if constipated. Finds that doing so helps the shit evacuate faster.

Of course theres more to Jono but thats for you to find out by yourself. Cheerios !

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