Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tribute to Underwhere?

Events and pictures incomplete. To be updated.

2006 was the most engaging year for Underwhere? and also the most prosperous. Underwhere? has played in numerous showcases, proms, youth concerts and events and received great response, feedback and fans.

Underwhere? lives only on Subway sandwiches and Indian Teh Ais. Underwhere? believes the only way to a great performance is either by not practicing much or not practicing at all and therefore only have last minute practices right before a performance.

Underwhere? band members of 2006 :

Jonathan(Guitar & Keyboard)
Julian (Bass)
Joanna (Vocals Sessionist)
Jeremiah (Drum Sessionist)
Joash(Keyboard Sessionist)

Since pictures paints a thousand words Ill let them speak for me.
Click them pictures to enlarge 'em.

Saint's Gathering

KDU Concert


Inti Prom

Japanese Festival @ Gurney Plaza

DIGI Blast Street Carnival

Christmas RAW Youth Concert & Party

So Josiah and Joshua are now in KL , studying music. Uttama in Penang. Jono Leaving for Australia. Julian for London. Joanna Penang. Underwhere? is scattered. On hiatus.

Here is to Underwhere?

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pink fairy princess sa said...

i though i commented? it goes again..
im sure underwhere will gather again one day...
no worries=)