Friday, July 27, 2007

The Man I Respect The Most

So Julius Caesar was a great Roman military and political leader and one of the most influential men in world history and transformed the Roman Republic into a great Roman Empire.

So Aristotle was a great influential Greek philosopher who wrote on diverse subjects, including physics, metaphysics, poetry and theater, biology and zoology, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, and ethics.

So Donald Trump is the CEO of his multi billion company and is an American business executive, entrepreneur, television personality and author.

Many great men out there.

What about my dad ?

When I was younger, I used to dig out old photos of my mum and dad's dusty albums. I always thought mum was "way outta my dad's league". Mum has a double degree in chemistry and zoology and graduated from The University of London and also did some part time modeling for fun. Mum was beautiful and drop dead gorgeous. Through high school, university and her work place, men were lining up to try to date her - billionaires in Mercedes and BMW's who owned big estates and huge houses were proposing to her. Mum counts a total of 33 marriage proposals! Even one on the day of her marriage!


He wasn't a rich man. Rather poor at the time, actually. He finished his high school and went overseas to get an American degree that in the end wasn't approved in Malaysia. He wore huge, I mean Huge, spectacles, kept a thick mustache and drove a really old van. He wasn't even very romantic and bought plastic flowers for mum and even proposed over the phone!(mostly due to long distance) "Why did my mum ended up marrying him?" I used to ask myself, curious.

I soon found out, mum has great taste and good appreciation for real men!

I remember how he built my first dog house, fixing up windows and pipes at home, cleaning the fans and fridge, doing the laundry for mum and fixing the car, setting up the home's alarms and fixing all sorts of stuff. Coming from a poor and broken family (His dad left when he was young) , he has learned to do everything by himself. I also remember him running into a burning building to help in saving people and property. I remember him stopping his car to go help an accident victim with his first aid skills, while many could only stand and watch.

He taught me how to cut wood, hammer nails, measure, plan and manage things and people. He taught me how to plan and manage my money and give him a financial report. He "kicked me out" of home when I was in year 8 to live on my own. He taught me how to play the guitar and piano. He taught me of the bible where true wisdom is found. He taught me about girls and women. He gave me words of encouragement when I needed it and is very generous with compliments when I deserve or earn it. I can't help but beam in pride when he tells me he's proud of me. He taught me a lot. I cannot list them all here...

He not only taught me how to be a man but set the standards and became a living example of how a man of respect and integrity should carry and behave himself.

My Dad isn't just a man of skills. He is also a man of knowledge.

He has acquired his Masters and is currently working towards his PhD. Dad's first term paper was a self titled "The 7 Stages of Relationship" and is a very interesting read ! Dad has a lot of books. I used to randomly pluck books out of his shelf and read them or he would recommend some to me himself. Up to now I still find it hard to comprehend his reading material. He is currently the Business Administrator of the Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, a part time lecturer and Pastor Advisor of several churches around Malaysia. He and mum has counseled many couples whether it be couples getting married, husband and wives filing for divorce or couples in courtship looking towards marriage. Teenagers and old couples - they all come for advise, help and guidance. Mum and Dad never run out of things to chat about in which I think is the reason why they never get bored of each other. Conversation with my dad is never boring and full of interesting facts, stories, jokes and substance.

Dad is a family man. He does not go out to golf, tennis or for drinks with his colleagues after work. He always comes straight home to hug his wife and kids and check on the family and help with the housework. Even when outstation in America, he calls home every night and takes turn to talk with all his four sons and wife.

Even up to now, he is still courting and continuing to win the heart of my mum over and over everyday.

Mum told me dad has never once scolded her nor raised his voice to scold her in their 21 years of marriage! Sure, they have their disagreement and conflicts at times but dad has never raised his voice to scold mum. Mum greatly respects dad as the head of the family too and strives to please him, keeping the house neat and making him a nice cup of tea or coffee for him when he gets back from work.

My dad is a man of high integrity. NEVER have you heard a foul word escape his mouth. Not even "shit" or "damn!" His colleagues and fellow staff not only respect him but also revere him. Even so, dad holds people in high esteem. Even construction workers who are working on projects at the company. He smiles and greets them when checking on the project's progress despite the contradicting Asian culture of social status. He treats everyone with respect and with that, he earns the respect of others. Thru it all, he remains a very humble man.

So you must be thinking my dad is some serious dude eh ?

Well, you'll keep thinking so until you see him dancing in his sarong in front of the tv when mum is trying to watch it. You should see him tease mum so much, mum can't stop kicking and boxing him and pulling his ears. You should see him doing a Kadazan dance and singing in his stripped boxers! He is very good with kids too and they love him. Kids at church and mum's school love it when he leads them in games, does his funny gestures and jokes and tells his many interesting stories. I also remember how he blushed and was so shy when I found a huge pile of his and mum's love letters hidden away in his shelf. He likes singing songs to wake us up while banging on the door with a drum beat. Oh, you should've seen how an explosion in a movie on tv gave him such a shock he threw his cup of coffee into the air ! Like me, my dad is super ticklish. So you know how mum retaliates towards him - lots of poking and tickling.

Theres just so many things I love, adore and respect of my dad that I can't fully put into words. My Dad, Clement Chong is the model of a man I respect and strive towards to.


Cani O said...

I like this article!
Felt so bored and came to your blog and saw this article.
It made me laugh.
Ya, your dad is indeed an excellent guy and good teacher also. Haha.Sweet memories.

Falcon said...

Yea...A good article bad...

Sweet post also

Kaiser Villaviciencio said...

You know, your Dad is very inspirational that I almost felt how proud you are to have him. It's nice when our fathers teach us how to manage our money and give us advice on how to spend on things that are highly important. You are very lucky to have him.