Sunday, July 29, 2007

Social blogging

So I do not social blog.

I do not tell you what I do everyday nor do I snap pictures of the food I eat, the sights I see and the people I meet. I am not about photo journalism and also not a celebrity in the first place, so why would anyone want to read a webpage full of what a person have done ? I know there are some people who actually 'blog surf' for that kinda stuff but I guess thats only because that kinda person does not have a life of his or her own to live ? If you say a friend deserves to know what another friend is doing, come and live life with me instead. I'd like it. The more the merrier, eh!

Of course there are significant moments or activities that I'd blog about and share with you guys. But I'd still rather keep it to my thoughts and opinions.

Why is it so hard to find a blog with substance and interesting content ? If you're gonna tell us a story or a moment in life, make sure it's worth our time. Why are you so into hearing yourself speak? I am not interested in how many times you've farted today nor the times you have digged your nose. Don't tell me about the food you eat, the new slippers, t-shirt and hairdo you've got.

Comon !

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