Saturday, August 04, 2007

Out of My Life

My bro is probably going "WTF~?!" right now over this, but I can't hold myself back... hahaha!

They met in a camp in Cameron Highlands. She knew him as the handsome, cool drummer and he knew her as the sweet, cute pretty girl from Korea. There were sparks that later erupted into flames. They spent and cherished the time they had. Her time was running out and they only had a year together... Before she had to return to Korea (not die! caught you didn't I?!).

They had to part on a rainy sunday afternoon. He pet her and playfully said "It's okay to cry." She did just that. Teary eyed, they both embraced for the last time and said their byes. Off she went to the airport... out of his life.

I prefer this story than those soap-like cantonese stuff you see on tv, so I made a video. My first ever, mind you...


Jason K. said...

Hey she's cute =]..
Nice story.. Keep it up jer~

adrian said...

If she is his....eventually she will returns! Press on lol! Wish your bro luck! =)

pamsong said...

Wow, she's real pretty. Too bad she's a thing of the past.