Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jono is in love with....

In the corner of the room, I found the person that I could trust. I found my one. My soul mate. The person who would never betray me and who would love me forever.

This was the most gorgeous person I had ever seen. Piercing brown eyes and sleek black hair. Great body. A deep, penetrating stare that belied a wisdom and understanding beyond the average person. Great charisma. We had immediate chemistry.

I spent an hour with this person, giving seductive looks, coyly flirting and seductively telling of how much I cared. And this being responded to everything I offered by offering it back. Every smile was met with a smile, every caress with an equal response.

In my eyes, I finally found someone that I was in love with.

This was Jono as he is self grooming and washing up in the morning, in front of the mirror.

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charmine said...

narcissism personified *big grin*

hey jono come visit me bloggie