Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Hard Being A Man, Ladies.

It is, it really is. Its exhausting. Men always has to be the pursuer. It doesn't work the other way. Girls can drop hints, lead the man on, or express interest or even love, but the guys will have to make that "Finishing move". With that, I say it again. Its not easy to be a man. Imagine going through life knowing at the back of your head that if you don't risk rejection, if you don't ask, there is a chance you're probably going to end up alone for the rest of your life. Scary stuff. And what if the man do not know how to approach nor talk to a woman such that he wouldn't turn her off or disgust her or make her cast him into the dreaded eternal "Friendzone"? Would he be condemned to being single? Or would he have to marry or settle with a "simpler" woman?

So I just finished having my laboratory session and I was walking along the hallway towards my locker. My locker number is 89. I have never seen my "locker neighbors", owner of lockers number 88 and 90. This time, as I neared my locker, I see a petite and pretty Australian blond, bent into locker 90, shuffling through some books. She was wearing a simple loose fitting t-shirt, a little black pair of shorts and sneakers. She seemed fit. Maybe she was into sports. As simply dressed as she is, I still found her pleasantly attractive. She straightened up and caught my eye as I approached. A big smile spread across her face. I was shocked. Usually when you catch a girl's eyes, they instinctively look away shy, uninteresting or disgusted, depends. I returned her smile. She kept smiling without looking away. Astonishing!

"Hey there," I said.
"Hi!" Came a cheery reply. She was still looking at me smiling.

I broke eye contact and proceeded to unlock my locker. I decided to have a little chat with her . We guys gotta make the move, remember?

"It's funny. Its almost 8 months since the semester started and I've never bumped into you at the lockers. Not even the other person," I said while hinting at locker 88.
She sounded slightly flustered. "Yea! I was thinking about the same thing! Our timetables must be really different hey."
"Yep. I've always wondered how my locker neighbors were like," I said, trying to smile without looking creepy.
She giggled. "Locker neighbors? Thats a nice way to think of it."
"Well, its nice to finally meet you neighbor," I said.

She was making eye contact and smiling all the while. That's always a good sign. She had a very nice smile, I thought. It wasn't too big that her jaw stuck out nor was it too fake. Very sincere and warm. I took a few books out of my bag and tossed them into my locker. "Gota stay cool, Jono. Gota stay cool." She had already closed and locked her locker but she was still standing around. Another good sign.

"I'm guessing you're from...Korea?" She said, picking up the conversation. Yet, another good sign.
"Hahaha! That's like the 5th time I've got that! Nah, I'm from Penang, Malaysia. I may look like a beautiful korean man, but I really am a Chinese."
She giggled again. Gosh, I could really get addicted to that giggle!
"Oh, sorry! " was all she said. I guess this is was where I had to carry on the conversation...
"So do you want me to call you locker neighbor for the rest of your life, or.....?"
"Kelly, did you know that fish coughed?"
Till this day I have no idea why I pulled that random fact out.
Her eyes widened. "What?! Really? Where did you get that from?! I never knew they did!"
"Neither did I. Now every time I am near a fish tank, I stick my face to it expecting to see a fish or two cough or something."
She giggled again. I was addicted.
"Gosh, you giggle way too much!"
Again, she giggled. Just as I hope. I have developed a giggles addiction. Could use all the giggles I can get.

I felt my stomach grumble. "Well, I'm off to lunch. Library's cafe is serving my favorite lasagna today. Wanna come?"
"Yea sure! I like their Chicken Soy wrap better tho..."
"Good, then Kelly wont touch my lasagna," Jono grinned. "Shall we?"

We headed off towards the library.

To be continued....

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