Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kelly Part II

From Kelly, Part I

Like all great stories, there has to be a trilogy to it, right ? Lord of The Rings, Memoirs of a Gaysha, etc. Well, its time for part two, kids. Here, hop onto grandpa's lap as he continues his story...


Kelly and I were on our way to the Library's Cafe for lunch.

"How's it going, Jono?" came an enthusiastic voice. I looked up and saw an Aussie friend of mine, Josh. Josh and I share the same Microbiology class.
"Hey there! Just going off for lunch," I said grinning. I saw him stealing a look at Kelly.
"Oh, just had mine, mate. Going off to a lecture." I knew he was disappointed.
"Cool. See you, buddy." I said. We low-five'd each other as he passed.
Shes mine! If this were the animal world, I'd be howling, flaring my nostrils wide and drumming on my torso with my fist. No, no, no. Don't imagine that, its not a pretty sight.
Kelly and I continued on our way.
"Hi, Kelly!"
Man, what now!?
A bunch of Kelly's girlfriends this time. Boy, birds of the same feather sure do flock together! They were a pretty good looking bunch of girls, also, like Kelly, casually dressed.
"Oh hi girls! Whats up ? Look, I want to introduce you to my new friend!"

*Insert a word that depicts a happy Jono being introduced to a group of Aussie girls*

She introduced me to her friends. YET, another good sign. I love good signs.
"Jono, this is Aayla, Beck, Marci, Lydia, Serene and Stephanie. Girls, meet Jono!" (made of some names here. Only remember a couple of them.)

I shook their hand's as they introduced themselves.
"So how did you you two meet?" Serene asked sounding quite curious.
"The most romantic way possible," I said with a straight face. "By the lockers."
They all laughed. I thanked god for my wits.
"Yea! He's my locker neighbor!" Kelly pipped in.
"So we're on our way to lunch. Its Lasagna day. I'll let you join us as soon as you stop laughing." I said.
I was already starting to picture myself having lunch at the library cafe, surrounded by Aussie girls.
"We'd love to, but we just had kebab for lunch. We're going off too, cause we are done with our classes for the day," Aayla said as the group of them started to make a move.
*poof* goes Jono's picture.
"Kebab on Lasagna day!? And I thought we could be friends," I said pretending to be disappointed.
They laughed again. "Well, see you guys! Have a good time!" Aayla said winking and the other girls started to giggle.

We arrived at the library's cafe and I ordered a large serving of lagsane and some wedges to go with it. Kelly ordered a ham sandwich. I sighed. Girls and their diet. We got a table and sat down.

Just as I was about to toss a piece of wedges into my mouth, my heart stopped. My eye caught sight of 2 guys I DREAD seeing everyday. 2 "friends" I hid from, evaded and sometimes ran away from.

This is why I dread seeing them...
These two guys are from Taiwan, Chinese educated, have a really bad sense of fashion with really bad english. But thats not the main point. They look up to Jono and likes to follow him around and sit with him in lectures. Maybe they think I'm cool or believe that I have lots of friends. What makes it worse is two weeks earlier, they decided to wear caps like I usually do. Imagine walking around Uni, having two overly-dressed friends, wearing caps like you and sitting with you in lecture halls? What do you get ? The Three Capped Musketeers?! It is absolutely embarrassing and a potential social life killer. So, I decided not to wear a cap and, guess what? They copied my freaking hair style! What else could I do?! I cut my hair real short, which worked, cause they, being the typical Chinese people they were, couldn't bring themselves to cut their hair short. I do not hate them but they're embarrassing and I'd definitely not want to be seen with them with Kelly.

Just as I caught sight of them, they caught my eye. A big smile spread across their face. They waved and approached me...

Cardiac arrest. My heart felt like it was never going to beat again. Bring out the pads...

To be continued...

Kelly Part III


synchic said...

hi... kinda like ur blog... it makes me think sometimes.... love ur point of views... but... about da chinese-educated ppl...(despite their way of dressing up) i dun think its fair enough to criticize their eng... they r just not as lucky as u (eng-ed) who r able to speak fluent eng at 5... they speak chinese when they r 5 tat s y their eng r bad...
yep i m a chinese-ed too so hope u can understand my eng..

Jo-no said...

Well, thanks for your comment Synchic. I wasn't CRITICIZING their English. I was COMPARING theirs. I was however criticizing them as to being very embarrassing and annoying.


ken60y said...

i is chinese, and i no scare u okay? i want follow u long long until u bo fwen. 88