Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kelly. A Second chance.

Kelly Trilogy

Kelly Part 1 - At the Lockers
Kelly Part 2 - Attack of the Cheena's
Kelly Part 3 - Left Hanging

The last time I met Kelly was about 3 weeks ago... Bumping into her again would be quite an achievement considering how I never bumped into her the past 8 months before that.

I was on my way to the Department of Biomedical Science to use the Mac. Lab. In the printer room, I spotted her.


Jono's Eyes:
OMG! Is that who I think that is?! Brain! I'm sending you a copy of this right now! Confirmation required, sir!

Jono's Brain: Sweet mother in law! Everyone! ATTEN-TION!

Everyone: Sir, yes sir!

Jono's Stomach: What what what...lunch time!??!

Jono's Brain: Okay! Kelly has been sighted! This time we're going in prepared! No more glitches! No more mistakes! Do I make myself clear?!

Everyone: Sir, yes sir!

*Stomach goes back to sleep*

Jono's Brain: Ok! Our front man will be Wits! You gotta do your best today!

Jono's Wits: Lock and Load! All set, sir! I've got the pickup line all ready for delivery!

Jono's Brain: Good man!

Jono's Eye's: Sir, new sightings! Shes with a bunch of friends. Guys and girls alike. Angle of approach wont be easy! Some huge Aussie guys too!

Jono's Brain: Wits, are you up to the task?

Jono's Wits: Gosh, I don't know... I'm working on a new line or two now, sir.

Jono's Heart: OMG, I'm getting all soft and fluffy now...I'm not gonna make it...go on without me! *mumbles*...Kelly...dear sweet Kelly...

Jono's Brain: Shuttup and pull yourself together! No one's getting left behind!

Jono's Penis: Hey, Guys! I -

Everyone: You stay out!

Jono's Brain: Thats it. Mr. Humor! We're gonna need your help this time. You're gonna back
Wits up just in case. If all things, fails, you know what to do.

Jono's Humor: Make fun of fat girls, sir!

Jono's Brain: Good man. Now -

Jono's Penis: Hey!!! I -

Jono's Brain: WHAT?!

Jono's Penis: .... I need to pee...Bladder has reached it's max capacity...

Jono's Bladder: *Muffled noises*

Everyone: ....

*Toilet Break*

Jono's Brain: Sorry about that guys. I missed that message from the Sympathetic nervous system communications. Now, back to business. We- Hey! Eyes! Whats these images you're sending me?!

Jono's Eyes: Err...I...Um...

Jono's Brain: Omg, stop checking her out! Focus!


You shouldn't blame Mr. Eyes for that. It was already a hot summer day and Kelly was making it hotter. She was in a black spaghetti top and a tight fitting knee-length jeans with sneakers on. I thought she'd look nicer in heels, maybe, but walking around campus in heels would kill your feet (Mr. Feet shudders).Ah, she put practicality and comfort over style and fashion. She had her hair tied up, showing a very alluring neckline. I'm a sucker for necklines.

I choose not to approached her straight on and proceeded into the computer room instead.

"Helu Jono!" I was greeted. A group of my friends from my pathology class were there. We actually agreed to meet there to finish our report/assignment.

There we're 5 of them. Wilson, Alyssa, Julia, Nancy and Peter. Wilson was a Chinese guy who likes dressing up in hip hop clothes and bling-blings which sometimes makes me wonder why I hang around him.He is a sincere nice guy who is a just little bit fashionly-challenged, I guess. Alyssa and Julia are very noisy and loud Australians and very fun to chat time away with. Nancy is an attractive Vietnamese who loves dressing up in all sorts of dresses dresses (To my delight) and Peter is a big and tall native African whose English is very amusing. Peter and I met in a practical class where we were practicing checking for heart beats at different parts on the chest (Intercostal spaces), and when he said in that funny accent of his, "Piss pull upa your shirt," I was like "Dude, you're in the party list from now on!" ("Whatta you saying?!")

"Hi Kids," I said and sat at a computer. I did not log into the Apple computer in front of me but peeked over it out into the printer room at Kelly (The doors and partition were made of glass).
"Whatta you looking at Jono?"Peter asked and looked at the direction in which I was looking towards.
"Oh, I just spotted a friend of mine. See that blond there ?" I said innocently.
Peter got exited "Oh! Alyssa, Julia, Nancy! Come see! Jono's has a pretty blond friend!"
As busy body and noisy as they were, they lurched over. "Which one?! Which one!?"
Peter pointed at Kelly "That one. The prettiest one."
"Ooooo, Jono! No wonder you haven't asked us out yet!" Julia joked. I scoffed "Yet?!".
"Oi, Peter! Stop pointing that big black finger of yours at her man!" I said waving for him to put his hands down. Peter finds black people jokes amusing. He's probably a Russel Peter's fan too. Wilson wasn't really interested. His face remained stuck to the computer screen.

I logged into the Apple computer with my Student ID and password and pretended to check my email so that they would think that this was no big deal. This got them back to their work on the computers. I needed to scout ahead and think.

I took a peak again. I spot Aayla and Marci too. Suddenly with all these different white people and names, I felt like I was in some Teen Drama flick like The OC or something. I spot a white guy. He was sitting on one of the photocopiers and talking animatedly. He seemed like the guy.

This wasn't going to be easy...

To be continued...
Kelly, Battle of the Egos!

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