Friday, November 23, 2007

Man vs Pretty Boy.

Dear Ladies,

You may or may not have been aware of this but there are two types of men out there. Man and Pretty Boy.

Real Men
The man whom other man look up to and admire. He is capable of intimidating other men. He leads the men, the women follow. Such a man not only make his decisions, but also live with the consequences. If life is being a bitch to him, he will slap her and move on.

The man also have skills. No, not break dancing, rapping or singing skills. Real skills that matter such as woodwork and car maintenance. Heck, some fighting or self defense skills would also be great. You never know when you need a guy to save or defend you. Either that or you'd want him to be fit, play at least ONE form of sport well and is capable of throwing his weight around.

A real man can carry and direct an interesting conversation with substance.

A man keeps it real in his dressing and grooming.

Pretty Boys

Other similar synonyms include pansy boy, pretender, poser boy, weakling, and is really not worth your time thinking of. They often try in vain to be manly. This never works. How does a male who's dressed in pink with long dyed hair and piercings be a man?
Whats with that collar popped up? Whats with all those strings and chains attached to your pants? Whats with all those bracelets and pendants and necklaces and bling-blings?

They try to appear manly on the outside but when they are tested, they are the weakest of the weaks, insecure and cannot stand up for themselves. Their priority is their looks and they constantly look into the mirror to look good. They loudly blabber a lot, thinking they're "happening" but nothing real comes out of their mouth. Most of the time, they're not even sure what they're talking about. They have no skills. Well, to them skills is break dancing, singing or rapping. As skilless as they are, they do not play sport or are very bad at it. They are weak and all it takes is a punch to knock them out. At the first sign of trouble or accident, they panic and run wild with the crowd.


Anonymous said...


J. Scarper said...

Frankly, you try so hard to impress you come off looking like Type 2 over there. Real men, if I may add, don't need people to know what they're made of. Evidently you do. My condolences to the girls who support your kind.

Anonymous said...

Is there some equivalent for women? Are there "real women" and "pretty women?" I think it's pretty dumb to use the attractiveness of a man as a pejorative. Perhaps sitting pretty is his quality. That seems to be enough for women, but in our society prettiness is subject for suspicion in a man.