Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Women. Revisited and Revised.

Yea, yea ,yea. No one truly comprehends these creatures. In the past we men were clubbing them on the head and dragging them back to our caves, claiming them as ours and having our way with them (The good ol' days). Natural selection. They were selected and picked for breeding purposes. There is however more to women than that nowadays. How do men choose women these days? Is it her looks, charm, personality, background,or maybe even wealth ? It's true that every woman is unique(heh, chiche), but theres lots more commonalities to women than you think. The only reason we men do not understand them is because men and women are different. Its that simple!

Now that we've got that aside, lets make a general comparison of the interest of the two sexes' that make up our homo sapient race. Women watch soaps, love dramas and read romance novels. Men watch sports, porn and read the paper. Pay attention men. Theres a clue to women attraction here. It was there all along. If only you'd noticed it before...

Can you tell from the general things that women are interested in what their main needs and desires are ? Have you not noticed the things women generally say? "Friends first," "Soul mate","destiny and fate," and so on ? Women have drives and desires(Duh) different from men that often conflict with each other. A woman might want a strong man in her life, but she might also want that feeling of independence. She also wants attention but she doesn't want to be seen as needing or craving it. So you go "Darn, why do women have to create all these drama!?"
Well, drama gives alot to women. It gives emotions to her. It sends chemicals through her body. It gets attention. Its fun, interesting and it gives meaning, yada yada...But men can't understand them because drama fulfills needs that men don't have. Hey, sports? Competition, adrenaline, power and domination. Your average guy's stuff.

Fame. Money. Power. Why are some women so attracted to men with those assets ? Again, there's a reason. It's probably they believe, consciously or subconsciously that these men are more fun, interesting, able to give them the lifestyle they want and most of all, give them the feelings they want. In Robert Cialdini's book "Influence", he talks about a psychological principal that humans naturally assume that attractive and powerful people are smarter and more trustworthy than average people.
"So, I don't have fame, money and power...I'm doomed?"
Nope! If you know how to give her the attention and feelings she's always wanted, she'll treat you like you're famous, rich and powerful as well. Tall, handsome and rich men pushes that "button" inside of a women. You just gota learn how to get to that button and more importantly switch it on. Many men make it to the button and instantly switch it off. This also explains why you get confused when you see a man you find rather unattractive with a hot chic. He's got his moves down and he's more smooth than you, he's perhaps, understood certain things about women and have the skills to work around that to attracting the woman. Attraction is the key.

Always keep in mind that a women's thoughts and behavior has good intentions behind it. They create drama for attention. They use jealousy to protect a relationship and play games of "Hard to get" to test a man and to make sure he is serious and willing to invest time and effort into the relationship. Realized why sometimes she seems to have Irritating Bitch Syndrome and never returns your calls? Again, men and women conflict. Very generally, men are looking for a woman who will give them sex and women are looking for a man who will give them loyalty and commitment.

Men, try to understand women; Even though we both know you won't. Just try. It means a lot, I assure you. I'm sure the women are trying likewise.

Well, there's definitely more to women than an article could ever cover...

And all the women say ?!


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