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Kelly - I'm Fine... [Finale]

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1. Kelly Trilogy
Kelly Part 1 - At the Lockers
Kelly Part 2 - Attack of the Cheena's
Kelly Part 3 - Left Hanging

2. Kelly Epilogue
Kelly - A Second Chance
Kelly - Battle of The Egos
Kelly- I'm Fine...[Finale]

Kelly kept giving me that gentle, warm smile of hers. Her smile was so filled with warmth, it made the popular Mona Lisa's smile look like a geek-ish grin. I didn't want to break eye contact with her. It was almost as if she had a grip on Mr. Heart and was softly stroking him to fluffiness. Her smile was so sweet that I could have died 10 times from high blood sugar and 10 simultaneous heart attacks.

GOP, not happy.

Jono, simply didn't have anything left to live for.

GOP kept talking anyway. He tried to sound more interesting, more appealing, more animated, but to no avail. Kelly's attention was mine. All mine.

GOP went for a direct attack. He riveted towards me.

"So, where are you from Jono?" He asked. I sensed some irritation.
"Korea," I said with my now, trademarked, straight face. Kelly laughed. Thats right, I do it all for you, Kelly.
"What?!" GOP asked Kelly.

Before Kelly could reply, the printer room door swung open. All heads turned towards the door. There stood a tall, staggering black figure, taller than all the other Aussie blokes around me. Behold, ma man, Peter.

"Oh, you printing your report already?" I asked
"Yea, done. So you're here, Jono," He said. His assent is the funniest thing, I tell you.
"You done yours yet? We were wondering where you were."
"Not completely. Ill probably need you to run through it with me later," I said
"Cool, I'll catch you later. The girls want to go eat, so we'll make a move first,"
he added before printing his report. We knuckle-punched each other before he left.

Social proof. Nice going, Peter.

"Bloody hell, that guy is tall!" GOP had to talk first.
"Don't mess with him man, he gets laid like a rock star," I said slyly.

GOP had no witty reply for that one. Mr Wits, you da man.

"Talk bout snacks!" Kelly hastily spoke out, "I'm starving! Jono lets go grab a munch! I'll catch you at the next class guys!"

She grabbed me by the arms and half-dragged me out of the printer room, while I half-waved goodbye to the crowd. With Mr. Heart stoned, Mr. Legs went anywhere Kelly wanted like a love sick puppy.

That was the end of GOP VS Jono. Mr. Wit's didn't let me down.

"Where are we going ?" I asked.
"The Underground Cafe!" She exclaimed.

The Underground Cafe was really a cafe underground, under the Engineering building. It was a nice and cozy cafe popular for their coffee and pastries, especially their pies. It was usually dimly, almost romantically, lit. It's lighting and aroma of coffee and freshly baked pastries made it the typical go-to spot for couples during odd hours. Either that, or the place is usually packed with hoards of people lining up to buy their pies.

It was about 4.30 pm, so not many people we're there. I just ordered a latte whilst Kelly got a triple espresso and a chicken pie. We got a cozy spot at the corner of the restaurant. Alone again at last with Kelly. I could not ask for more.

Kelly took a sip of her coffee and said with a foxy smile "You know why I wanted to get you out of there." It wasn't a question. She knew. I knew.
"Thanks. Another second and I would've xeroxed(photocopied) his ass," I said rolling my eyes.
"Why? You were winning," She said, still smiling "I helped, obviously."
"We make a good team," I finished and took a sip of my coffee.
"Haha, guys and their egos," She went on, "So are you an attention seeker? Or just trying to impress me?"
"Both," I honestly replied "How is it going so far?"
"Pretty good," She smirked,"Id give you 80 marks,"

She got distracted. A couple behind me were making out. I took a glance and turned back to

"So tell me why you're single Jono," Kelly stated.
"High standards? No one worthy of my time and effort. Also, its not a priority. Used to be after a girl, but long distance just didn't work in my favor" I said directly although that wasn't the full reason.
"Fair enough." Kelly replied.
"How about you? Why are you single?" I prodded.
"Pretty much the same reasons as yours. Also, I want one that can last long. Not just for a year, not two years, but longer..." She said in a slightly mellow tone.
I was impressed. "I'm impressed! You're looking for real commitment. I respect you for that. You're not one of those who goes for 'commitment' ", I said while doing air-quotes. Her values and standards made her more attractive by the second.
"I haven't even given away my first kiss yet," She went on. I was quite surprised but queerly felicitous.
"Neither have I. Why share that act of intimacy with someone you would probably break up with in the future? Why kiss the probable future husband of another woman?" I almost sounded like I was preaching.

She smiled. It was a warm but yet, there was a tinge of mellowness, almost sadness, in her eyes. I wasn't sure why. I just shook it off. Maybe it was the lighting. Maybe she was just happy that someone could understand and relate to her chastity. She finished up her pie (It wasn't very big) and continued sipping her coffee. I could only admire her between sips of my latte.

"What do you think of long distance relationships?" she asked this time.
"Not too fond of them. Being far apart from someone I loved would probably kill me."I said.
"Yea! I don't get how some people do it," She said "Sometimes I just wonder how much in love they are..."
I shrugged and took another sip of latte then went on "And being apart, you meet new people, new experiences, you change, your partner change... A lot can happen. It seldom works. Keeping in touch doesn't do anything to help either. Feelings just disappear if no one is there to stroke the fire..."
Kelly nodded, "I totally agree."
"Cheers," I said, holding my cup up. She returned the gesture.
There was an awkward silence. It lasted for about 30 seconds which felt like forever. We both finished our coffee.

Kelly got up from her seat and sat beside me.
"I like you alot Jono. You're sweet, friendly and funny"
Mr. Heart was going LUP-DUP like never before.

"But theres something I should tell you..."

Then it hit me. I knew it before she said it. I went into denial.

Dont say it. You don't... No, this cant be happening!

"I'll be moving to New South Wales after the exams."

Bring out the defibrillator. Mr. Heart felt like someone just ripped him from his placed, thrown him on muddy ground and stomped the crap out of him, then picked him up with a knife and had him barbecued.

I didn't know what to say. I looked at Kelly. She looked sad. I was sad.
Then I remembered myself talking about long distance relationships and about how keeping in touch didn't matter and that it would never work out. I could've and should've slapped myself.

"Lets say we keep in touch..." Kelly softly said, "How long would that go on for? A month or two, probably?"
I nodded. I didn't have to lie. Life's experienced have taught me that "keeping in touch" doesn't last long and that inclination dies off with time. I was sure Kelly knew that too.
She sighed. I sighed. We looked at each other.
"You can't always get what you want eh? Why do I have to learn that the hard way?" I said.
"Yea...I'm sorry Jono..." Kelly said sounding sad.
"What for? You shouldn't be!" I insisted. "Well, I'll miss you lots, Kelly. "
"Me too, Jono. Heaps. But we both know..." She started, but I finished her sentence for her.
"...That that dies off as well? Yea. I know..." I finished.

We both smiled. It's like we bonded. The only thing was we couldn't pursue a deeper relationship. That was killing me. I didn't know if it were the same for Kelly.

We left the cafe and I walked her to her class.

She took a glance at me, "You alright?"
"I'm fine...See ya" I said trying to smile.

We hugged for the last time then parted ways.


That took place a week before the exams. As different as our class timetables were, so were our exam timetables. I didn't bump into her again. We didn't exchange numbers nor emails for reasons we both knew. After the exams, those intense feelings were gone. Of course I still like her lots, but chemicals come and go.


Sounds very dramatic isn't it ? You can't make this stuff up.

The End.

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