Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kelly - Battle of the Egos.

Continued from:

1. Kelly Trilogy
Kelly Part 1 - At the Lockers
Kelly Part 2 - Attack of the Cheena's
Kelly Part 3 - Left Hanging

2. Kelly Epilogue
Kelly - A Second Chance

Jono glared at the guy sitting and talking animatedly on the photocopier. Kelly and her friends were giggling.

Jono not Happy.

Jono jealous.

I was supposed to be writing my lab report but Jono couldn't help himself but keep peeking into the printer room. I wanted to talk to Kelly so badly. It's a good thing I wasn't alone.

Jono's Wits: I'm ready when you are, pal:)

Jono: Thanks Wits. You've always been there for me. Ever since the beginning, haven't you?

Jono's Wits: And to the end, dude :)

Jono's Ego: HEI, me too! >(

Jono: Obviously, big buddy :)

Jono's Heart:It's just... so hard isn't it?

Jono: Yea man, sorry you're always the one to be compromised... You've taken lots of hits already. I promise not to be to reckless. We've all learn't our lesson. Took you ages, to heal last time you broke, didn't it Mr. Heart?

Jono's Heart: Yeah, it did... Thanks.

Jono's Brain: ooohh, the last time Heart snapped...It wasn't pretty, I'll tell you that.Haha.

Jono: Yea. Aww...I love you guys.

Everyone: We love you too.

Jono: OK! Lets do this!

Everyone: *Battle Cry*

I needed a reason to get in there. I set a random email of mine to print, got up and walked towards the printer room. I scouted ahead. There was a total of seven of them there . Kelly, Aayla and Marci were the only girls there. The other four we're guys. I was kinda nervous, but I trusted Mr. Wits. As soon as I entered the room, Kelly saw me.

She smiled. A big, sincere, warm smile.

I was now addicted to her giggles and smile.

"Jono! Hi!" She exclaimed while waving at me.
"Kelly! Hey there!" I said, trying to sound surprised and smiled as warmly as I could. It was probably not as warm as hers.

I walked towards them, towards the printers.

Mr. Wits, show me your magic.

Before Mr. Wits could even utter a word, Kelly lunged out at me and gave me a big hug. Mr. Heart felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

"Jono! I missed you!" Kelly said sounding flustered.

Jono. Happy.

"Me too! Its been what, another 8 months!?" I kidded while hugging back.
She giggled, "Feels like it!"
"Aayla, Marci, howdy?" I greeted.
"Heya Jono." They smiled back.
Kelly stood beside me and turned to her friends "Guys, meet Jono." She didn't introduce their names to me. Which was fine, I didn't really bother to know either.
They waved awkwardly at me, "Hey."

I addressed all of them, "A weird place to have a gathering, don't you think?"

The guy on the photocopier (GOP) spoke first. "Yea, we like to just hang everywhere. We we're printing stuff and just didn't wanna leave."

"Haha, I'm sure photocopiers make nice chairs." I said not too sarcastically. Kelly giggled.

Jono 1, GOP 0.

Kelly pipped in. "Jono can be really funny at times guys." She wasn't making this easy for me.

GOP sardonically remarked, "Oh, a stand up comedian eh? Here, make us laugh!"

Jono 1, GOP 1.

"Did you know, Kelly was a duck!?" I said with a straight face.

Kelly burst out laughing. Everyone else just stared blankly at me.

"See? This is why I like her the best." I said. Kelly was chuckling. "I'll tell you about it later," she said.

Jono 2, GOP 1.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" I walked towards a printer and started my print que. I had to play it cool. I turned to face the group, my back against the printer, while waiting for my print to begin. There was an awkward silence.

"Comon, as you were, people." I said smiling. Everyone chuckled except GOP. GOP started talking again. Apparently he wanted to run the show. He was talking about something that happened last week at some party. He didn't want Jono in on the conversation, obviously. The attention was back to him. He made me stand there feeling awkward.

Jono 2, GOP 2.

GOP kept talking away. He was an interesting guy with a dominant voice, I'll give him that. Everyone was listening and responding to his story. Yet Kelly, however, was looking at me, smiling. Mr. Heart was oh so fuzzy. I kept eye contact with her and smiled too. I could do it all day. GOP noticed. I was sure he wasn't pleased. The most beautiful girl in his audience was giving her attention to me. This gleefully brings us to the score board...

Jono3, GOP 2.

It was a tight game, folks, but Jono was in the lead with a hat trick. Can GOP make a comeback?

To be continued...
Kelly - Finale

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