Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Problem With Facebook.

Re: I Hate Friendster

Pudding-head users and stupid meaningless applications.

When I signed up for facebook, it was to "Keep in touch" and for a lil' harmless fun. Also, I thought I could get away from the posers in Friendster, cluttered profile pages and cut-and-pasted "testimonials".

Please,I am only interested in seeing your pictures, wall, contact information, etc etc . The essentials.

Do you actually think I care at all if you're bitten by a bloody zombie or vampire, got a new idiotic looking fish in your e-aquarium or got some poop e-plant growing, or sent me an e-present ?!? Those things mean nothing at all and simply clutter your page, making it look worse than your friendster profile. It shows you're very naive or an illiterate who thinks more is better. Either that or you're just an ignorant fool who just approves and accept any application invitation sent to you. You think it gives you social proof? You think its cute? You think its fun ? I think you're seriously intellectually challenged. Bodoh.

To all my friends out there...
I love you guys. But if you keep this up, I just might kill you...what the heck do you expect me to do with this !?

A friend would'nt do this to a friend !


Yuen-Chi Lian said...

Hey fag, we share the same pain. My Facebook profile is pretty clean anyway, I am sure you will love mine. ;-)

- yc

charmine said...

LOL Jono i feel for ya... On my side though... i already caved in to peer pressure...