Sunday, December 02, 2007

"Special" Friends.

A list of 10 friends of mine whom I've given nick names to because they are "Special". Some might be funny, some might be mean. Hey, they're just nick names!

Miss Porn Star
My lab partner. She has boobs that eclipse the freaking sun. But thats not why she got her nick name. Its the way she dresses. She likes having her thongs visibly sticking out of her jeans. Sometimes she even wear really short skirts with fishnets(Yes, thong still sticking out)! She likes leaning over to grab pen's or rulers from my pencil case and at the same time, press her breast onto me. No, I do not enjoy it. Big boobs are scary. I bet she has never seen her feet before. It is that huge. I could stand under her for shade in the summer!

Butterfly-Power Ranger.
This dude always wears a red pair of HUGE sunglasses that reminds me of a power ranger. Its so huge so much so that his sunglasses looks like wings. Thats right. It looks like a jumbo butterfly is sitting on his nose!

This guy has braids all over his hair but its not cool looking. Not at all. His hair looks like a mop. When I see him, I just want to pick him up and mop the floor with him. Enough said.

She likes to tie her hair up in two buns like Chun-Li from street fighters.

Hot Chic
Ever since the beginning of the semester, this girl have had guys hitting on her left and right, up and down. Well, she IS hot, and she knows it. I never took the initiative to find out her name. Shes an asian. The HOT type that even aussie guys drool over. Theres this tension between us. We are in the same course but I never ever talked to her, second-glaced her or give her any attention at all. Heck, all the other guys are already doing so, but I'm not. And she knows this. What happens when you don't give a hot girl the attention other guys usually give her ? heh heh...

This chubby guy practically has boobs and for some reason, I just get a mental image of a cow. When he walks into the room, I go, guess what, "Mooooo~!!!" In my mind, of course.

Miss Chatterbox.
This girl just talks. Talks. TALKS. Even if nobody is talking to her, she talks to the air around her or to herself. She makes random noises. She even makes a noise when entering the room like "Woooo!" "Ahhh-weee!" If a conversation doesn't involve her, she will butt in. Its almost as if she loves her voice. Its impossible to shut her up!

Ms Clown.
Miss clown has thick lips but she got her nick name from wearing really deep dark red lipstick colors. I asked "Hey, thats a nice color. What kind of red is that?"and she told me "Midnight Red," and gave me a big smile. Mental Image = Clown.

This guy steals my food. My Sneakers Bars, kit-kats, M&M's and sometimes even my sandwiches! To him, dudes share their food. To add to his Garfield nick name, after eating my food, he'd usually act like its nothing, and act really relaxed and sometimes go to sleep in the common room.

The Phantom Menace.

I like to tease her but sometimes she gets really angry. When she does, she gives me this angry face that looks like shes saying "Tease me again and I'm gonna bitch slap you so hard, your grandfather feels it in his grave." Menacing!

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